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NCRD’s Sterling Institute of Management Studies
NCRD’s Business Review
Annual Online Peer Reviewed Journal
ISSN 2455-0264
Volume 3, Issue 1 (January- December 2018)


Analysis of Perception of Customers Towards Digitization of Banking Sector
Dr. Mrinal V. Phalle and Dr. Prachi A. Murkute


A study of Financial Inclusion in Bangalore District
Dr. Vaisalakshi


Customer Satisfaction and Rural Consumer: A Study With Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
Dr. Sudhir Atwadkar


Impact of Provisioning on the Size of Bank
Mohd. Anwar


Role Of Businesses In Environment Management and Sustainable Development: New Directions, Green HRM
Dr. Rekha Shenoy


Global transformation of Strategic Leadership and Its Impact on Organizational Effectiveness in Corporate Sector- A case study of MSEDCL
Dr. Prashant R. Gulhane


Employee Engagement of Management Faculty in The Disruptive Era : A Comparative Analysis of X & Y Generation
Dr. N. Mahesh, Dr. Archna Trehan and C. L. Patil


Study of impact of Supply Chain Process on Performance of Small and Medium Scale Companies
Vishwanath K. Shetty and Dr. R. Gopal


Key Mantra for Profit- Emotionally Intelligent Staff, Teams, Management and Systems
Dr. Kasturi Rohit Naik


Gauging the Conduciveness for IPO Issues in Indian Capital Market
Akinchan Buddhodev Sinha, Dr. B.M.Singh, Dr. Manisha Singh


Correlation between Employee Engagement and Personality traits of Five Factor Model
Aditi Ramachandran and Ankita Abhay Pandit


Decision Making of Individual Investors Dealing in Stock Exchange: An Analysis
Baig Asif Akhtar


Foreign Direct Investment in Multi-Brand Retailing
Prakash M. Wadekar


Translator: As Career Opportunities and Its Importance
Umeshwari P. Patil


Data Analytics- Analysing Maggi’s Product Line Extension Strategy and Consumer Preferences using JASP
Booma Vijay Halpeth, Sandhya Kapil Thakkar


Assessment of Training Effectiveness at Paramatrix
Dr. Arjita Jain and Dr. Sandeep J. Ponde


The Evolution of Supply Chain Management and SCOR Model
Dr. Sandeep J. Ponde and Dr. Arjita Jain


Impact of Advertising on Consumer Behavior with Specific
Iftiqar Mistry and Vikas Jadhav


To Explore Different Learning Behavior Patterns in Post Graduate Students while learning Communication Skills using Andragogy Techniques
Jenefa Rao


Shareholder Value Creation Through Buyback Of Equity-An Earnings Per Share Measurement Analysis
Abhijeet Chakravarty

About Us
Mandatory Disclosure

Sterling Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), located between the towering Parsik hills and the serene township of Nerul offers a unique location to build an abode of learning.

SIMS made its appearance in the year 2004. As the proverbial saying goes, a great journey begins with a single step, over the years the humble beginning in 2004 has blossomed into an ambitions venture. While the size of management stream has grown bigger, it has added to its feather Master of Computer Application course. The streams of MMS and MCA aim at disseminating Management and Computer education in their up- to –date version with the help of an ever increasing library with umpteen national and international journals computer lab, air conditioned reading room.

The motto of SIMS is to build and develop a complete person, a responsible citizen to play a meaningful role in the corporate world and the society as a whole. We create the zeal, excitement and potential in our students to plunge into the world of business with total dedication.

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Air Conditioned Library
Air Conditioned Reading Room
Air Conditioned Computer Laboratories
Air Conditioned Class / Tutorial Rooms
Air Conditioned Auditorium
Accommodation Facility
NCRD’S Sterling Institute of Management Studies has an air-conditioned library. It consists of approximately 15,000 books covering 7560 titles and caters to the needs of various specializations of Management as well as Information Technology courses. All the leading local and national newspapers are available. Newspapers play a major role in developing the pupil of the college. A wide range of magazines and more than 50 journals and periodicals are available. In addition, e-liabrary facility is also provided (J-Gate, proquest, IEEE).
The institute has a specious and well furnished reading room with separate cubicles for each student. The room is air-conditioned; the ambience is conducive to the students to study. The students can use the reading room from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. The same is used for conducting the aptitude tests during the placement drives.
The Institute has five (05) high-tech Computer Laboratories. Each lab has around 30 computers of latest configuration. Each lab has a separate on-line Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) which immunes the lab of electricity breakdown. The lab has internet connection with a speed of 10 Mbps 1:1 line. One lab is exclusively maintained for the students for internet access.
The class rooms and the Tutorial rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with state-of-art Audio-Visual presentation aids, such as computers with multimedia, overhead projectors and LCD projectors required for conducting sessions.
Girl's accommodation is available on institute's hostel for students.
The Institute has magnificent air-conditioned and well equipped auditorium with a seating capacity of over 500 people. The auditorium is majorly used for hosting various co-curricular and extra-curricular events of the college. It has an in-built sound system and projector. Seminars, National and Inter-National Conferences have been hosted in our auditorium.
We have a very good canteen facility that caters various cuisines for the staff and the students of the institute. The institute makes it mandatory to have a hygienic kitchen of the canteen. Routine checks are done to guarantee the same.
Sports play a major role in making of the overall our personality. The college has a huge play ground that allows students to have their sports activities. The ground can accommodate at least people at a time. The college takes pride to say that Inter-College Soccer games, SKC, is hosted on our own ground.
Industry Interface
Industrial Visit
Corporate Guest Lectures
Corporate Research / Consultancy
Employability Skills Building
Live Project & CSR Initiative
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Mandatory Disclosure by Institutions running MBA/MMS/MCA programmes to be included in their respective information Brochure, Displayed on their website and to be submitted to AICTE every year well before the admission process.

The following information is to be given in the Information Brochure besides being hosted on the Institution’s official Website.“The information has been provided by the concerned institution and the onus of authenticity lies with the institution and not on AICTE.”

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