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Highlights and Achievements of Sterling Institute of Management Studies Annual Celebration

Sterling Institute of Management Studies organizes the annual day called “ Radiance 2024". Every year, the institute conducts an annual day to celebrate the achievements of students and the institute. Along with appreciation, students get a wonderful opportunity to showcase their talent in front of an audience. Radiance 2024 is the platform where the institute acknowledges students' achievements and provides a platform for networking and interacting with fellow students and faculty.

Being India's leading higher education institute, Sterling Institute of Management Studies works on the overall development of students. They prioritize creativity, ideas, innovation, and skills. During such events, the Sterling Institute encourages students to actively participate in events like dance, singing, instrument, fashion shows, and other competitions.

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Quick Points of Radiance 2024

The Annual Day Celebration 2024 brings out all the pupils of the institute. From students to faculty and non-teaching staff to management, altogether come forward to make this event a grand success. Here are the points of the Annual Day celebration “Radiance 2024”:-

Event Name Radiance 2024
Date of Event 1st March 2024
Timing 03:30 PM (Onwards)
Location 7th Floor Auditorium
Types of Events Dancing, Singing, Fashion Show, Prize Distribution and more
Faculty Coordinator Prof. Sonu Khetre (MMS) and Prof. Deepali Shah
Director Dr. Murlidhar Dhanawade
Guest of Honor Dr. Chaitali Gadekar

Detailed Information of Event

The entire institute gathers at the auditorium to celebrate the annual day of Maharashtra's top management institute. All are enveloped in an aura of excitement and anticipation. This day marks not only a culmination of academic achievements but also a celebration of the vibrant culture and diverse talents that define the college community.

With each passing year, Radiance 2024, annual day serves as a testament to the dedication, hard work, and spirit of collaboration that permeates through every facet of the institution.

Let us embark on a journey through the highlights of this unforgettable event, reminiscing cherished moments and embracing the promise of a bright future ahead.

Timings Particulars
3:30 pm Inauguration/ Lighting of Ceremonial Lamp by Chief Guest & other Dignitaries
3:35 pm Welcome Dance - “Ganesh Vandana” by Neha and group
3:40 pm Solo Dance - 1 (Dance by Priya More)
3:45 pm Singing - 1 (by Nidhi Pai FYMMS)
3:50 pm Welcome and Felicitation of Guests & Dignitaries
3:55 pm Welcome Address by Dr. Murlidhar Dhanawade, Director, SIMS
4:05 pm Address by Trustee - Dr. Ashok Patil
4:10 pm Address by Guest - Dr. Chaitali Gadekar
4:15 pm Prize Distribution
  1. Academic Toppers
  2. Hackathon
  3. Days Celebration
  4. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti
  5. National Science Day
  6. Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Diwas
  7. Sports (Sportify)
5:05 pm Fashion Show (First Round) (Ramp walk)
5:25 pm Group Dance-1 (South & Bollywood Mix by Disha Mane and group FYMCA)
5:35 pm Group Dance - 2 (Mangalagour by Soundarya Patil and group SYMMS)
5:45 pm Skit (Shiv Jayanti) by FYMMS
6:00 pm Group Dance - 3 (by Purva Patil and group FYMMS)
6:10 pm Group Dance - 4 (Desi Girls by Ruksar and group FYMCA)
6:15 pm Group Dance - 5 (Dance by Sai Gavali and Priya More FYMCA)
6:25 pm Singing - 2 (by Abhay SYMMS)
6:30 pm Fashion Show (Second Round) (Introduction)
6:45 pm Powada - Keval and group (Junior college)
7:00 pm Lazy Dance (by Sourabh Chavan and group FYMCA)
7:10 pm Singing -3 by Anirudh
7:15 pm Group Dance -6 (by FYMMS Neha and group)
7:20 pm Instrument playing by Sahil Koli and Rohit Koli
7:30 pm Group Dance -7 (by Khushi and group FYMCA)
7:35 pm Solo Dance - 2 (Dance by Priya More FYMCA)
7:45 pm Group Dance - 9 (by Abhay and group SYMMS)
7:55 pm Group Dance - 10 (by Dhwani Trivedi and Sejal Kanavaje FYMMS)
8:00 pm Group Dance - 11 (by Rutuja and group FYMCA)
8:10 pm Group Dance - 12 (by Janhvi and group SYMMS)
8:20 pm Fashion Show (Third Round) (Q & A)
8:30 pm Fillers
8:40 pm Announcement of Mr. & Ms. Sterling
8:45 pm Vote of Thanks
8:50 pm Refreshment (Dining Hall)

Major Achievements of the Annual Day

The annual function was indeed a great success and many students got awards and certificates for their hard work and dedication. The winner of the competition was also awarded by guests of honor and other dignitaries.

Introducing the dynamic Ms. Sonia Deshmukh, Director of Kala's Dance Academy in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai! With 14 years of setting stages ablaze since its inception in 2010, Kala's proudly clinched the "Best Dance Academy'' title at the International Fame Awards, presented by Ms. Sushmita Sen. Ms. Sonia's accolades include the "Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, 2019" at International Excellence Awards by Ms. Kareena Kapoor Khan and "Best Dance Director of Navi Mumbai, 2019" at the Global Business Awards by Ms. Madhuri Dixit-Nene.

Dr. Nilesh Mhatre is also present during the annual fest. He is a Founder and CEO of Naadbramha Group. He is a Graduate Mechanical Engineer with a doctorate In Musicology and has 22 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, He has worked as a Head of operations for a leading Worldwide MNC in India. He is a famous Classical Vocalist in Maharashtra and has studied under his Guru for 14 years. He performed more than 100 concerts in Maharashtra. He is a proven good teacher and performer.

About the Institute

The Sterling Institute of Management Studies is located at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is an NAAC-Accredited “A” Grade institute with the approval of AICTE. The institute offers two major programs “MMS and MCA”.

In the field of higher education, The Sterling Institute of Management Studies contributes in terms of offering quality education and skilled professionals. The course curriculum of the college is based on the latest market trends. It also has the best faculty and 100% placement assistance.

Final Words

These highlights and achievements encapsulate the essence of our annual day, weaving together moments of joy, learning, and inspiration that will resonate with us for years to come. As we bid farewell to this memorable event, let us carry forward the spirit of unity and empowerment, embracing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead on our journey of academic and personal growth.

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